Automatic pet feeder for dogs.
Make sure your dog is always fed, even when you're away from home.
Manage your pet's meals,
from your phone.
With the Petnet App, you can manage your dog’s feeding schedule and meal plan from your phone.
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Feed your pet from your phone, even while you’re away.
Schedule daily meals with
precise portions.
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Receive alerts for meal times, food levels and SmartDelivery.
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Backup Battery
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Food Level Sensor
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Stainless Steel Bowl
Know your dog is eating the right amount each day.
The SmartFeeder precisely measures portions based on your dog's age, weight, and level of activity.
Peace of mind knowing your dog’s been fed.
Receive app alerts for successful feeds, low food warnings and SmartDelivery shipments.

Why dog owners love the SmartFeeder.

Some testimonials from happy SmartFeeder owners
Five stars
Very durable and pet proof
The Petnet SmartFeeder has been a great help! I have roommates and we share duties watching our dog. Having the app allows us to all stay on the same page with how much Kong has been fed. Dog icon avatar Amazon customer Dog owner
Five stars
I recommend this for all pet owners who have small to medium pets
Just want was needed to help control the weight of the fur babies. It has an built-in rechargeable battery, can be charged by a chew-proof USB and A/C adapter. Adjustable to the pets age, weight, and how active the pet is giving the correct amount of food. My husband had it set up in less than 30 minutes. Dog icon avatar Rebecca Dog owner
Five stars
Life saver
Have had this for well over a year and it is a life saver! Very convenient when I’m at work and can’t feed my dog. Dog icon avatar Rachel Dooley Dog owner
Five stars
Fantastic product all around
I no longer have to get out the measuring cup or, god forbid, a kitchen scale to measure out my dog’s food. One button push is all I need. Dog icon avatar Jon Fraser Dog owner
Five stars
Me and my pup loves it
Best. Thing. Ever. Accurate, quiet, well-built, this little gem is sure to make my life easier and I’m in love with it. My dog digs it too. Dog icon avatar Amazon customer Dog owner
Stores 7lbs of food,
safe from pet paws.
The SmartFeeder's hopper can fit up to 7lbs of dry kibble and the self-locking lid protects the food. To clean, simply remove the hopper and scrub in the sink or place in the dishwasher.
Not all dog food
is created equal.
All SmartFeeder purchases include a free Ramp to help those odd-shaped kibbles slide into the bowl effortlessly.
Check in on your pet
during mealtime.
The SmartFeeder now works with Nest  Cam, so you can view snapshots and  video clips of your dog enjoying mealtime.
Works with Nest
Technical Specs:
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Dimensions: 15" tall x 15" deep x 9" wide

Power: Built-in rechargeable battery, chew-resistant USB cable and U.S. A/C adapter

Food: Dispenses portions of 1/16 - 1 1/2 cups, Securely stores 5lbs - 7lbs of dry food in hopper, Made for kibbles sizes 1/8" - 5/8" in diameter – works best with round kibble

In the box: Bowl, Feeder, Food Hopper with Lid, Stainless Steel Bowl Insert, Micro USB Cable (8ft), Quick Start Guide and User’s Manual.

Requirements: A compatible smartphone (Apple iOS 9.0+ / Android OS 4.0+) and a standard Wi-Fi connection of 2.4 GHz.

Support and Warranty: Comes with 1-year limited warranty and customer support for the life of the product.

Not recommended for pets over 50 pounds
Automatic pet feeder
for cats and dogs.